**What is the difference between a Handling class and a skills class?**

Handling classes focus on analyzing a full course after the teams have run it once and discussing what might be the best handling options for each team.   We will also identify any holes that need to be addressed in obstacle or handling foundation training, but will not spend time training/fixing those in this class.  The course is then run a second time, applying the options given during the course walk through/discussion.  Students are encouraged to work outside of their comfort zones!!

Skills classes focus on teaching and practicing all the skills needed to eventually run full courses!  Each class runs a short sequence and works on the handling/obstacle/relationship skills required.  The class format allows significant time for one on one training with each team so they are able to concentrate on the skills that need the most work...whether it's an obstacle skill, a motivation issue, focus problem, or handling challenge.  


puppy/Novice Skills

This class is appropriate for beginning dogs and older puppies that have basic obedience skills.  In this class, we will continue to work on focus and engagement, while teaching solid obstacle skills, as well as basic and international type skills needed by teams to compete on international type courses.  Over time, this class will introduce all obstacles and basic handling concepts, and work with each team on focus and motivation.

Skills & Drills - Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced

These classes will consist of short sequences, focusing on proper execution of handling skills and obstacle performances.  They provide the opportunity for many repetitions, so handling concepts and obstacle skills can be perfected.

Intermediate handling Class

This class will introduce course work, course analysis, and focus on getting the team ready to compete.  This class will focus more on handling strategy than obstacle skills.  Dogs need to be proficient on all obstacles.  **This class does not cover individual obstacle training**

Advanced handling Class

Handling options will be discussed for each team, based on the course analysis.  Courses and challenges are based on the needs of each group.  Dogs need to be proficient on all obstacles and working toward independent obstacle skills.  **This class does not cover individual obstacle training**

Masters Class

This class will focus on course analysis and handling options, including some international type skills.  It is assumed that teams in this class have very reliable obstacle skills!  **This class does not cover individual obstacle training or any mechanics of handling**


This class will focus on international style courses and handling skills that are needed for Masters Challenge/Biathalon, Premier class and International type competition.  **This class does not cover individual obstacle training or any mechanics of handling**