Workshop topics include individual obstacle performance, motivation and impulse control, international skills and more...

Check back often to see what's new and feel free to make suggestions if there's a workshop topic you'd like to see!


WORKSHOPS at K9s In Motion

Skills & Drills, Saturday nights under the lights

  • September 21st - 5pm

  • October 19th - 5pm


WORKSHOPS at K9s In Motion

Novice Skills & Drills

  • September 22nd - 1pm

  • October 20th - 1pm



Skills & Drills, Friday nights at the Farm

  • August 9th - 6:30pm

  • September 13th - 6:30pm

  • October 4th - 6:30pm

  • November 8th - 6:30pm

Progressive Puppy Workshops, Saturday nights at the Farm

  • August 10th - 6pm

  • September 14th - 6pm

  • October 6th - 6pm

  • November 9th - 6pm


IMPORTANT: If you are not a current student, please contact me through the above “Learn More” button BEFORE registering for a workshop.

Please be aware that if you sign up without contacting me first, your registration will be canceled.