Group classes are held at Lucky Dog Academy in Plainfield and at The Farm in Campton Hills


Tuesdays at Lucky Dog

Thursdays at Lucky Dog


Wednesdays at The Farm

Fridays outside - contact me for more info…


**What is the difference between a Handling class and a skills class?

Handling classes focus on course analysis.  After teams have run the course as they think best, we walk through as a group and examine the hows/whys of their handling choices.   Options for running the course are discussed, including what may be better handling solutions for each team or skills that would be good to practice.   We will identify any holes that need to be addressed in obstacle or handling training as we go along, but will not spend time training/fixing those problems in this class.  The course is then run a second time, applying the feedback given during the course walk through.  Students are encouraged to be brave and  work outside of their comfort zones!!

Skills classes focus on teaching and practicing all the skills needed to eventually run full courses!  Each class runs a short sequence and works on the handling/obstacle/relationship skills required.  The class format allows significant time for one on one training with each team, so they may concentrate on the skills that need the most work...whether it's an individual obstacle performance, a motivation issue, focus problem, or handling maneuver.